Healthcare needs a dose of personality

I'm a doctor. I'm also a journalist, producer, host and on-camera correspondent. I use media in cool ways. No idea is too crazy as long as it's in the name of public health.

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"Medicine is humanity. And humanity is entertaining."

Alok Patel MD

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My performing, dancing, alter-ego

Medical storytelling needs the right blend of relatability, humor, and straight talk. Between live television, podcasts, digital video, and freelance productions, I've reported on a variety of things that can go wrong, or right, with our bodies and public health. My mission is to make the uncomfortable, comfortable and entertaining!

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I enjoy being on camera and helping to make healthcare easy to understand.
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And then there's my serious, professional side.

Well, maybe not THAT serious. I'm one of those media healthcare personalities who still practices medicine. I'm a board-certified pediatrician, currently on faculty at Stanford Children's Hospital and UCSF.

I give keynotes, hold workshops, moderate panels, and consult for companies. I've also worked in the digital health space both as an advisor and on the founding team of a patient platform start-up.

I'm partial to non-profits and charitable causes. So holler if you're trying to make the world a better place. I'd love to jump kick my way into helping your mission.

I'm an MD that's thinks more like an MC

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